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  • Material
    Base PP Lid PET
  • Product Dimension
    176x100x19.5 (43)mm
  • packing
    50 pcs/ Bag 300 sets/Ctn
  • Carton Dimension
  • Cuft


Do you have these questions? We are willing to answer for you

  • Do you have small box to serve appetizers or snacks?

    We have various sizes of rectangular container with inside lock.
    Great for takeout lunch with all kinds of cuisine.

  • What kind of the food is suitable for sushi tray?

    With great visibility with transparent and clear look, our sushi tray not only suitable for Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, California roll...etc. but also suitable for deli, bakery, snack, light refreshments.

  • Can I customize products?

    Our production team will evaluate if it can be customized, please provide your request condition to provide further information.

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