Future Vision of Environmental Protection and Plastic Production

We live in a dilemma which is about plastics between indispensability and contamination. Yaopack as a part of the producers believes that the production goal is not only to meet customer need, but also to achieve a circular economy is more importantly. Consequently, to turn the "disposable" plastic food containers into the "recyclable" green products is necessary.

Currently, we cooperate with the recyclers that conform to safety and hygiene and use recycled plastic material for production. We also retrieve waste scraps after production for reproducing at the same time.

Production in the future

While we expand the scale of production in the future, we will reduce resource consumption and pollution in the production process. We will install solar panels in the factory for green energy. To work with government and the related organizations to innovate the technology of plastic production and recycling. We will also pay attention to educating the public about the awareness of green consumption and the ability of correct recycling. We hope to eliminate the notoriety of high pollution from plastic products and strike a balance between production economy and ecological environment in the end.